All-round Silicon impression material Cavex SiliconA from general treament to implant prosthesis Cavex SiliconA by Daishin Trading Co
Already in 2000, the first meetings were organised to form a solid base for the official dealer cooperation between Daishin Trading Co and Cavex Holland BV. Today, Daishin Trading Co is the official representative for Cavex Holland BV in Japan and as a result Cavex Impressional (alginate impression material) and Cavex Combiloid (hydrocolloid impression material) were successful introduced in Japan. silicon2
Due to the strict registration procedures of the Ministry of Health in Japan (Koseisho) only products of the highest quality can meet the requirements of the Japanese authority. Therefore, the addition of new products to the assortment moves slowly but guarantees the best products for Japanese users silicon3
During the Japan Dental Show 2004 in Yokohama Cavex SiliconA was introduced. Cavex SiliconA is developed for implant impressions in Japan. Nevertheless, Cavex SiliconA is a complete line of addition silicone impression materials, suitable for inlays, crown and bridges, implants, partial and edentulous impressions utilising the common impression techniques. Cavex SiliconA shows excellent hydrophilic properties, thus improving wettability and leading to better reproduction of subgingival areas. Cavex SiliconA impression material is composed of a kneadable yellow Soft Putty (Cavex SiliconA Putty) with a very high consistency, a medium consistency green paste (Cavex SiliconA Heavy Body), and a low consistency blue paste (Cavex SiliconA Injection Type). silicon4
At this moment, preparations are in progress to extend the assortment with more products. To be continued… Download these in PDF format:
Handout Cavex SiliconA for functional impressions and monophase impressions
Handout Cavex SiliconA for single stage impressions (Sandwich)
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