FAQ Vibringe

Q: What is a Vibringe®?
A: Vibringe® is an endodontic device for irrigating a root canal with sonic flow technology. The Vibringe® can be used in every conventional root canal irrigation procedure. Besides, it is compatible with every irrigation solution.

Q: How is Vibringe® different than conventional irrigation?
A: Sonic flow technology will improve the root canal irrigation procedure because the solution will be energized into the root canal so that it can reach all portions of the root canal. This means a thorough debridement and a full irrigation to the apex will be realized.

Q: What is sonic flow technology?
A: Vibringe® employs a proprietary combination of precisely tuned needle action in combination with the delivery or flow of the irrigation solution. Sonic vibrations are transferred to the liquid and the needle, energizing the irrigant.

Q: Is it always needed to activate the sonic flow technology?
A: The Vibringe® is designed in a way one can choose to energize the irrigation solution or not. Through the one button control you can easily activate or de-activate the device whenever you want.

Q: How is the sonic flow technology controlled?
A: The sonic flow technology is controlled by a specially designed micro-controlled processor. Extensive research has been done to find the right and optimal frequency.

Q: Is the Vibringe® easy to use?
A: The Vibringe® handpiece has a very easy user interface and is designed according to the needs of general practioners. The irrigation procedure is very similar to conventional irrigation techniques and can be complementary to ultrasonic irrigation.

Q: How many root canal irrigation procedures can I do with Vibringe® without charging?
A: When the Vibringe® handpiece is fully charged you can operate at least 30 minutes. In most offices this is more than enough for one full day of endodontic procedures. The Vibringe® handpiece can be charged overnight. It however is recommended to keep the Vibringe® on the charger if not in use.

Q: Should I leave the Vibringe® charging all the time or can I just charge the Vibringe® when the battery is low?
A: It is recommend to keep the Vibringe® handpiece in a plugged charger at all times when not being used. This will result in optimal performance due to a full battery charge all the time.

Q: How long will the battery last?
A: The relatively environment friendly Ni-MH battery pack has been specially made for Vibringe® and is comparable with a long lasting battery. The battery pack lasts for several years.

Q: Is the Vibringe® safe to use?
A: The Vibringe® is extremely safe to use, but like any device it needs to be used correctly.

Q: Does the Vibringe® have demagnetizing effects on appliances or other products?
A: The Vibringe® has a special motor with a very small magnet and an inductive charging system. The Vibringe® utilizes highest quality materials that are an effective shield, resulting in a very small magnetic field. This field cannot produce any negative effects to other devices or products. The Vibringe® is made by an ISO 13485 certified company and does comply to EMC requirements.

Q: Are there any parts of Vibringe® made of latex?
A: The Vibringe® is completely latex free. Even the gasket in the disposable syringe is latex free.

Q: How to clean the Vibringe®?
A: The Vibringe® can be cleaned with a soft cloth moistened with a mild detergent or ethanol. For example Cavex Instrument Tissues or Cavex CleanSwabs ethanol impregnated tissues.

Q: Can the Vibringe® be autoclaved or disinfected in a thermal disinfector?
A: Several parts inside the Vibringe® are not resistant to the heat generated by an autoclave or thermal disinfector. Cleaning with a soft cloth or tissue moistened with ethanol or a mild detergent is recommended.

Q: Is it allowed to spray the Vibringe with a cleaning or disinfecting liquid?
A: It is recommended to clean the Vibringe® with a cloth or tissue moistened with ethanol or a mild detergent. Spraying with or submerging in any kind of liquid is firmly discouraged.

Q: Can the plastic syringes be reused?
A: The syringes are developed for single use only. To avoid any leakage and other problems use a new syringe for every patient.

Q: Which type of needle can be used?
A: The same type of needle as used with conventional syringe irrigation can be used with the Vibringe®. The Vibringe® syringes are equipped with a regular Luer-Lock connection.

Q: Which size of needle should be used?
A: The same needle size as used with conventional syringe irrigation can be used. It however is recommended to choose a size that fits the root canal 2 mm from working length. To prevent liquid from passing the apex, needles with a side opening are most safe to use. (Be aware that the thinner the needle, the harder it becomes to press the liquid through.)

Q: Which liquids can be used with the Vibringe®?
A: All liquids that are used with the conventional syringe irrigation techniques can be used.

Q: What to do if the red indicator light on the Vibringe® handpiece illuminates?
A: This is an indication that the exposure time of the Vibringe® is limited to five minutes maximum. The Vibringe® should be recharged completely (at least for 12 hours). To avoid this from happening, always keep the Vibringe® on the charger in between patients.

Q: What if the green indicator light on the Vibringe® handpiece flashes?
A: This only happens when the Vibringe® is placed on the plugged in charger. The light flashes green during charging. Once charged completely the green light will illuminate continuously.

Q: Sometimes the Vibringe® stops vibrating when the activation button is released. What is the reason for this?
A: The Vibringe® can be operated in two ways:
- Pressing the activation button shortly will activate the Vibringe®. Pressing shortly again will stop the Vibringe®.
- Continuously pressing the activation button will activate the Vibringe®. Once the button is released the Vibringe® stops.

Q: Where can I buy a Vibringe®?
A: Vibringe® is only supplied by authorized dealers. Check the distributors on this website for the actual dealer list.

Q: What can I do when the Vibringe® does not function?
A: If the Vibringe® does not operate correctly please contact your local authorized dealer for the warranty procedure, or contact Cavex Holland BV, e-mail: dental@cavex.nl


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