Cavex Alginates

Superior in Strength, Control and Balance
Now visualised through pictograms.

Sixty years of research and experience have resulted in superior alginate impression materials and an immaculate reputation worldwide. Tens of thousands of dental professionals benefit every day from the unrivalled quality and advantages of the Cavex alginate system.
But what exactly make Cavex alginates so superior that they leave competition far behind?

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For your convenience we put together a list with most frequently asked questions on alginate.

Cavex Alginates are one of a kind

  cavex_picto_flex_zw  Cavex alginates are tear resistant and strong.

  cavex_picto_snapset_zw  Cavex alginates are snap setting.

  cavex_picto_5yr_zw  Cavex alginates have a five years shelf life.

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