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Cavex Alginate Accessories

Several external factors may influence the quality of the alginate impression. For instance, the (water) temperature, mixing proportions, the way of mixing and the conditions in which the alginate is stored, can effect the quality of the final alginate impression. It is therefore essential to standardise as many of these factors as possible.

Alginate Accessories

Cavex Measuring Device Cavex Water Dosing Bottle Cavex Storage Box

Cavex Alginate Container Cavex Mixing Tools Cavex Alginate Container

bottle for precise water dosing Features
  • accurate water dosage by simply squeezing the bottle
  • Scaling like regular water cup
  • Constant water temperature = Constant setting time = Constant and predictable quality

TIP: do you always use the same amount of mixture? Adjust the water pipe to the desired measure, you will be sure of the same amount of water every time.
  Cavex Water Dosing Bottle ± 350 ml

Storage box for alginate
  • conservation of quality of alginate (air and light are being locked out)
  • the lid of the container can be easily opened or closed in one movement (in stead of a 4-points closing box)
  • the scoop - which is supplied in addition - has an extended grip; your hands will be free from alginate and the alginate can be ladled from the bottom of the container.
  • with the wiping edge at the inside of the container you get a level spoonful
  • you can click the spoon in the lid of the container
  • both the scoop and the beaker - which are supplied in addition - are of (almost) unbreakable quality
  • Size: lxwxh: 15x15x18 cm








  Cavex Alginate Container
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