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Cavex VacuFormer

The Cavex VacuFormer System is a complete vacuum thermo forming system comprising the Cavex VacuFormer, a variety of vacuum form sheets, a unique plaster composite and accessories. The Cavex VacuFormer System enables the dentist to optimize the treatment of and service to the patient. Bleaching trays, splints, bite plates and mouth protectors can be prepared during patient visits without the intervention of the dental laboratory. A detailed protocol, illustrated with photographs, enables anyone to master this technique.


  • For the fabrication of splints, bleach trays and mouth protectors

Components Cavex VacuFormer System

  • The Cavex VacuFormer is a “no-nonsense” all-round thermal vacuum former. This robust machine has an electric, high performance vacuum motor suitable for every conventional dental vacu form application.
  • Cavex Instant Stone is a unique plaster composite that can cast a perfect plaster mould in just 10 minutes. Thanks to a sophisticated blending system, Cavex Instant Stone is very clean and easy to use.
  • The Cavex Mouth Protectors are professional 3.8 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm dual layered laminates with a combined hard and soft layer. The soft layer ensures good shock absorption and the hard layer distributes the force of the impact, resulting in optimal protection of your teeth. Use the 5 mm Cavex Mouth Protector X-Pro for heavier sports.
  • The Cavex Bleach laminates are made of a soft, clear material that is easy to cut and finish. The soft material is comfortable to the gingival area and ideal for making bleaching trays.
  • The Cavex Splint laminates are made of a transparent and rigid material which is ideal for splints, surgical trays, orthodontic retainers, etc. This unique, clear material makes the Cavex Splint invisible when worn in the mouth.
  • Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer is a blue coloured flowable resin especially designed for creating reservoirs in bleach trays.

How to make a Bleach Tray

How to make a Splint

How to make a Mouth Protector
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