Impression Materials

Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer

Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer is a blue coloured flowable resin especially designed for creating reservoirs in bleach trays. The light curing resin is dispensed directly from the syringe via an application needle on the stone model.
Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer has to be delivered at the labial/buccal surfaces of the teeth on the stone model. After vacuum forming reservoirs are created in the bleach tray.



  • to create reservoirs in bleach trays
  • to fill small voids in stone models



  • light curing needing only a 10 seconds cure
  • can be cured with halogen or LED curing lights
  • flowable resin that is easy to apply and not runny
  • blue colour resin contrasts with the white gypsum of the model
  • package contains enough product to use for approximately10 arches
  • comes with 10 curved dispensing tips

Cavex Bleach Tray Spacer
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