Whitening Materials

Cavex Bite&White Ready2Use

Pre-filled whitening trays.

The Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use professional home whitening system is a unique, fast, safe and above all very simple whitening system for use at home. Just open the packaging, place the pre-filled tray in your mouth and enjoy the result after an hour. Mere child’s play!



  • Consistent whitening result using 6% hydrogen peroxide (partly as carbamide peroxide).
  • Tray covers both upper and lower teeth at the same time.
  • Extremely user friendly
  • Effective without sensitivity
  • Unique ‘one-size-fits-all’ Dryflex® whitening tray
  • Patented system
  • mint flavored
  • pH-neutral

Cavex Bite and White Ready 2 Use - the easy ready to use home bleaching system

Bite&White Ready 2 Use movie's on youtube:

Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use

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