Lab Products

Cavex Baseplates Mica-free

Shellac baseplates in pink colour. The intermediate in making prosthesis.



  • intermediate for making prosthesis
  • simple technique
  • rapid processing, due to short heating time
  • shape-retaining, does not distort at mouth temperature
  • strong and dimensional stable
  • standardized thickness
  • economical
  • available in uppers, lowers, plain and pink

Mica-free, the improved Dental Baseplate

Through the use of a new type of fire resitant material,


Baseplates Mica-free are even better protected against burning, or at least the process of burning is delayed.

Advantages of Mica-free Baseplates:

  • reduced risk of burning
  • improved end result
  • smoother, more shiny surface
  • less porous, due to homogenous compounds
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