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The Vibringe® is the first endodontic sonic irrigation system that enables delivery and activation of the irrigation solution in the root canal, in only one step. The activation of the disinfectant by acoustic streaming, enriches and completes the irrigation procedure and improves the success rate of endodontic treatments. It has been shown that this system significantly improves debridement. It also improves the disruption of the smear layer and biofilm by activating irrigation solutions.


Cleaning of root canal in between and after mechanical treatment to remove residues of necrotic tissue, debris and bacteria. The aim is to successful clean and disinfect the root canal system so better results can be obtained.

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  • delivery of rinsing solution and activation in one step = time-saving
  • powerful sonic flow within the irrigant = superclean comes standard
  • procedure is the same as with conventional technique = no technique change
  • eliminates blockages and entrapped air = highly effective, all of the canal is reached
  • ergonomic design, light weight and cordless
  • compatible with all luer-lock endodontic needles
  • single button operation = easy to use

Now exclusively distributed through Cavex Holland BV

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Irrigation and Entrapped air with and without activation

How to use the Vibringe

Endodontic sonic irrigation with Vibringe
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