Cavex devices are mostly an extension of Cavex systems, perfecting the protocol and/or complementing, extending product possibilities. They have all been developed and manufactured in close cooperation with product specialists worldwide and meet the highest standards for quality and safety.


Cavex Alginate Mixer 3

The basis of a good alginate impression lies in the choice of the best alginate and the processing it correctly. Cavex is a leading manufacturer of alginates and offers a wide range of products to make the perfect alginate impression. The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 is the ideal device for creating a perfect homogeneous alginate mix and ultimately, the perfect alginate impression.

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Cavex Alginate Mixer II

The Cavex Alginate Mixer II will standardise the alginate mixing procedure. Time after time, regardless the user, always a smooth and homogeneous mixture, free from lumps or air-bubbles.

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Cavex VacuFormer

The Cavex VacuFormer System is a complete vacuum thermo forming system comprising the Cavex VacuFormer, a variety of vacuum form sheets, a unique plaster composite and accessories. The Cavex VacuFormer System enables the dentist to optimize the treatment of and service to the patient. Bleaching trays, splints, bite plates and mouth protectors can be prepared during patient visits without the intervention of the dental laboratory

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