Private Label

Cavex Holland Manufactures Your Private Label

For more than a century we at Cavex Holland have produced dental materials that meet the most demanding expectations when it comes to quality and reliability. We are a modern, innovative enterprise whose different departments are run by expert specialists. As a prominent player in the OEM market we manufacture private label products for suppliers all over the world since many years.

The advance of dental technology and ever changing consumer requirements present a challenge which is readily met and mastered by our specialists and often provide the incentive for new, convincing developments. Our own, well-equipped production plant, control and research laboratory and R&D department contribute to an enormous development potential of which you can also benefit from.

We are ready to expand and intensify our international engagement with competent dealers who will sell our excellent quality products as their private label.

For further information please contact our OEM account manager Mrs. Tanja Brandwijk
Tel.: +31 (0)23 5307720 e-mail:

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