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15 February ’21

Fourth consecutive Dental Advisor Top Award Winner for Cavex Cream

Since 1983, Dental Advisor has been an authority in product assessment for the dental profession. By combining the clinical experiences of professionals with laboratory data from different sources, the dental profession is provided with evidence-based and clinically relevant information about dental products.

The first assessment of a Cavex product dates back to 2008 and ever since several products have been scrutinized and (again and again positively) assessed by Dental Advisor. Shortly after the launch of Cavex Cream Alginate, this unique alginate was presented to Dental Advisor in 2018 for a review by their test group.

Cavex Cream shot to the top of the charts straight away and immediately and won the titles “Editors Choice” and “Top Award Winner”. Since then, Cavex Cream has been annually elected the best alginate with a score of no less than 97%! With this year’s win four times in a row!

Some quotes from users:

  • “Great product. The detail and accuracy are excellent.”
  • “Easy mixing for a creamy consistency. I never had any bubbles or voids in my impressions.”
  • “I love the working time, it sets so fast. It makes it so much better for the patient.”
  • “Good tear resistance.”
  • “I liked the contrast color.”

Read the complete Dental Advisor report on Cavex Cream Alginate here or go to the product page for more information.