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1 December ’20

New: Cavex ExSense – effective against teeth sensitivity!

The conditioner from the ABC Masterkit Cavex has proven to be able to offer a solid and effective solution against sensitive teeth. There are several causes of tooth sensitivity. Sensitive teeth mostly occur as a result of dental erosion and exposed dentin.

Due to the success of ExSense as a conditioner in the Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit, ExSense is now also separately available as a desensitizer with a medical quality mark. The desensitizer provides long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth. Not only by minimizing acute sensitivity, but also by reducing chronic sensitivity and by preventing any sensitivity.

The unique composition, based on 2% pure hydroxyapatite with a hydro-dispersing sol, penetrates deep into the tubules and microcracks in the enamel and completely seals sensitive areas. The addition of potassium nitrate also contributes to the remineralization process and restores the micro-hardness of the elements. Due to its easy application, Cavex ExSense can be used both in the dental practice and at home by the patient.


  • Deep penetration of hydroxyapatite into the tubules and microcracks
  • Prevents and reduces sensitivity of the teeth
  • Accelerates the remineralization process
  • Pleasant (mint) taste
  • Usable in practice and at home

More information is available on the product page