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8 August ’22

Cavex Whitening Whitepapers

Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular because getting that beautiful and naturally white smile is now possible for almost everyone. The quality, effectiveness, and safety of the available whitening products have grown enormously in recent years.

But don’t be fooled by popular and “smart” ways to whiten your teeth. Not all whitening techniques are suitable for everyone and using the wrong materials can even cause permanent damage to the teeth.

In the Cavex whitening Whitepapers, we explain how tooth whitening works, the difference between at-home and in-office treatments, what to keep in mind, and what to expect when starting treatment.

We also discuss some “‘trendy bleaching products and techniques” and how (in)effective they are. After reading the Whitepapers you will have all the information you need to be an expert on the subject.Cavex whitening Whitepapers

At-home whitening Whitepaper

One of the most popular whitening treatments these days is at-home whitening. A custom tray is produced for the patient which can be used to whiten the teeth from the comfort of the patient’s home. Treatment generally takes around two weeks with lower concentrations of hydrogen peroxide (max 6%). Excellent results can be achieved with this kind of treatment.

The whole at-home whitening process is supervised by the dentist from start to finish. This ensures maximum results with minimal risks. Download the Whitepaper to find out everything you need to know as a patient or dentist. Want to know more about our most used at-home whitening solution? Click here or read the evaluation by a team of dentists.

Cavex whitening Whitepapers

In-office whitening Whitepaper

Besides at-home whitening, there are additional whitening treatments available, that are carried out by the dentist in the dental practice. These treatments are called in-office whitening. Treatment time is generally one hour and higher percentages of hydrogen peroxide are used (up to 45%). In Europe, such treatments may only be carried out after a medical diagnosis by the dentist.

At the end of the day, which treatment is more effective, at-home whitening or in-office whitening? Download the Whitepaper to find out. Want to know more about our in-office whitening solution? Click here or read the clinical evaluation by a team of dentists.

More information on whitening

If you want to find out more about our whitening solutions, you can find our complete assortment here. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the Cavex whitening Whitepapers.