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1 December ’20

New: Cavex Healthypops – lollipops with a dental function!

Patients are becoming increasingly aware of oral care as part of overall health. Eating patterns are becoming healthier. The sugar-free trend has been growing for years, also in the field of candy. But Cavex is going a step further with its latest product “Cavex Healthypops”. These lollipops are not only sugar-free, but also have a dental function due to the active ingredients.

Improvement oral health condition
At first sight, Cavex Healthypops look like regular lollipops and they also taste like regular lollipops. But these lollipops each have an active ingredient that contributes to moisturizing the mouth in case of xerostomia or contributes to a fresh breath with halitosis. Therefore Cavex Healthypops can support patients with their oral health in an accessible / simple way.

No artificial additions
Cavex Healthypops do not contain sugar, gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, artificial fragrances and flavors. They are therefore safe for people with allergies and people with diabetes. It also makes them suitable as a justified snack.

Available in three flavors:

  • Cavex Healthypops Cherry Contains vitamins to moisten the mouth
  • Cavex Healthypops Orange Contains an antibacterial root extract for fresh breath
  • Cavex Healthypops Mint Contains antibacterial minerals for fresh breath

More information is available on the product page.