Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit receives 4+ rating “very good” by The Dental Advisor


 The Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit is a professional, 3-step, take-home whitening system. With this system, Cavex prides itself, to have developed a system that effectively whitens teeth in a 100% safe manor and without the dreaded tooth sensitivity.

The Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit was Tested by 23 Dental Advisor consultants who dispensed it to 57 patients and received an 87% clinical rating. 70% of the consultants would rate the Cavex Bite&White ABC Masterkit equal or better than their current system. 44% of the consultants would instantly switch to it and 78% will recommend this system to their colleagues.  

Consultants’ Comments

 “The ExSense really helped with sensitivity.”

“Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit packaging is a professional presentation for patients.”

“The pictorial instructions on the box are clear.”

“The addition of the activator and conditioner makes the product unique among whiteners.”

Patients’ Comments

“This system has a complete cleaner, whitening gel and follow up conditioner. Other systems do not have this setup.”

“Easy to use and effective.”

“The pictorial instructions on the box are clear.”

“ExSense made a difference in sensitivity.”


Find the complete Dental Advisor report here.

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