Cavex ImpreSafe shows excellent results

Cavex Impresafe is a revolutionary new disinfectant for alginate, silicone and polyether impressions.

Being highly effective, Cavex ImpreSafe effectively kills bacteria, fungi and viruses (including H1N1) in only 3 minutes. Due to the non-aggressive nature as well as a short contact time Cavex ImpreSafe is 100% save for impression surfaces. Cavex Impresafe is a concentrate saving space and money. 1 liter of Cavex ImpreSafe equals 33 liters of ready-to-use disinfection fluid. Cavex ImpreSafe is available as a complete ready-for-use system.

Cavex Impresafe was tested by the Dental Advisor and received an impressive 5+ rating as well as the award “Editors Choice”.
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