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Cavex ExSense

Cavex ExSense is the perfect solution for sensitive teeth. This revolutionary tooth conditioner contains an innovative cocktail of hydroxyapatite and a ‘hydro-dispersing sol’, providing fast and long-lasting relief.

The unique properties of the ‘hydro-dispersing sol’ ensure perfect gel distribution and a hydroxyapatite penetration boost. Due to the synergistic composition of Cavex ExSense, the hydroxyapatite penetrates deep into tubules and microcracks in the enamel. In addition to complete closure, crystallization takes place, supporting the restoration of micro-hardness and accelerating the remineralization process.

Cavex ExSense contains natural ingredients, hence patients can use the product without restriction at home. Say goodbye to sensitive teeth!

More information about this product? Download the brochure below. Visit our distributor’s page to discover where the product is available.


  • Instant and long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth
  • Helps to prevent sensitive teeth
  • Accelerates and reinforces the process of remineralization
  • Polishes teeth surface, luster effect
  • Slows down the process of plaque formation
  • Suited for (unlimited) home use


We value the opinion of the dentist. That is why we let The Dental Advisor test our ExSense desensitizer. After a clinical evaluation by a team of dentists, this desensitizer received a clinical rating of no less than 86%, which corresponds to 4 (out of max. 5) pluses. Professionals praise the quick effectiveness and the simple application method.

Read the full report with quotes from dentists here.