You can only HELP  dental professionals and patients if your thinking is based on solutions. Therefore, at Cavex we do not focus on separate products but rather on high-quality systems that provide you with total solutions. Obviously, these systems comply with the highest demands in terms of quality and reliability. “proof is always in the eating” so it makes us proud to know that our products are used by thousands of professionals all over the world. Every day.

COOPERATION  is crucial if you want to achieve the optimal solution. A partner-oriented approach is key to the success of Cavex. To be able to develop new products, or to improve on existing products, you need to know, first of all, what your customers want. Cavex works, among others, with a 'dentist forum', composed of a multi-disciplinary team of dental professionals. In addition, Cavex maintains close contacts with universities and opinion leaders who keep us up-to-the-minute, on trends and developments as well as with sparring partners for new products.

EXPERIENCED  people and MODERN  facilities. For the development, production, marketing, sales and distribution of medical products, Cavex boasts an experienced team of well-trained professionals who constitute the indispensible backbone of Cavex success. The world around us changes at a rapid rate, and it is only with a team of professionals at all levels that Cavex can respond effectively to this changing world. In 2010, Cavex commissioned an ultra-modern production facility providing optimal possibilities for sustained development and growth.

Well-known paths and NEW DIRECTIONS. Alginate impression systems remain a product of major focus for Cavex. Whereas alginates are a 'side-product' for many competitors, they are the absolute core business of Cavex. Ongoing quality control and improvement are high on the agenda, as are the addition of new products and product line extensions. Furthermore, thanks to its Bite&White, Cavex is very active in developing the company into an authority in the domain of teeth whitening systems.

What do YOU think? Product experiences and new ideas are mostly generated in practice. So, please share your practice with us. Your experience and ideas are of incalculable value to Cavex. Therefore, we would like to encourage everybody to enter into dialogue with us. Please send your e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Any idea or remarks (whether positive or negative) will assist us in striving for permanent improvement. Please accept our best thanks, on behalf of the whole Cavex team!


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