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Whitening Congress

Whitening deserves its place in the dentist’s repertoire
An international congress about tooth whitening was organized by Cavex in the Netherlands on the 16th of June under the banner: ‘Whitening shouldn’t be frightening!’. The aim of the congress was to provide an overview of the latest developments in the scientific domain and demonstrate that whitening has become a frequently applied treatment in cosmetic dentistry in an increasing number of countries. Whitening materials are the focus of Cavex and we want to be a leading manufacturer.


Bite&White and Bite&White READY2USE

Comparison of two at home-whitening products with different delivery methods
Gurgan S, Kutuk Z B, Koç Vural U, Yalcın Çakır F
Hacettepe University, School of Dentistry, Dept. Restorative Dentistry, ANKARA, TURKEY


Tests by The Dental Advisor 


Cavex Bite & White Tooth Whitening Pen

Consultants’ Comments “Attractive and compact design.” “I like not having to take impressions and make custom trays.” “We received positive feedback from our patients.” “Effective application onto proximal surfaces.” “I would like to be able to have my logo printed on the pen.” Patients’ Comments “Keeps my teeth white after a full bleaching treatment.”


Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit

Consultants’ Comments “The ExSense really helped with sensitivity.” “Cavex Bite & White ABC Masterkit packaging is a professional presentation for patients.” “The pictorial instructions on the box are clear.” “The addition of the activator and conditioner makes the product unique among whiteners.” “The multiple steps may be too much for some patients.” Patients’ Comments This […]


Cavex Bite&White ExSense (The Dental Advisor login required)

Consultants’ Comments “Noticeable reduction in sensitivity.” “Pleasant, mild flavor.” “After braces come off, we give Cavex Bite&White ExSense to our patients to use in their retainers to promote remineralization.” “Smooth consistency.” “When I applied Cavex Bite&White ExSense after periodontal therapy, I found my patients had a significant reduction in post-operative sensitivity.” “Custom tray is more […]


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