Impression Materials

Cavex Alginate Mixer 3

The basis of a good alginate impression lies in the choice of the best alginate and the processing it correctly. Cavex is a leading manufacturer of alginates and offers a wide range of products to make the perfect alginate impression. The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 is the ideal device for creating a perfect homogeneous alginate mix and ultimately, the perfect alginate impression.

What strikes immediately about the design of the mixer is the full color touchscreen. On this smartly arranged touchscreen, the desired program can be selected with one push of a button for: extra fast set, fast set, normal set alginate and gypsum.

The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 is equipped with a 12 volt motor. As a result, the acceleration and deceleration can be precisely controlled and the way in which energy is transferred into the alginate is completely under control. Depending on the chosen program, the Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 first makes some left-right movements and then gradually increases the speed. After a few seconds of mixing, the speed is gradually reduced again. All in all, the energy is transferred into the alginate in a highly controlled manner, resulting in a perfectly mixed alginate in just six to eight seconds.


  • A perfectly homogeneous alginate mix in just six to eight seconds.
  • Updated display with touchscreen for easy operation.
  • Maintenance-free due to improved technology.
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