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The Cavex Bleach sheets are made of a soft, clear material (EVA) that is easy to cut and finish. The soft material is comfortable to the tissues and ideal for making bleaching trays. In case a heavier material is preferred, use the Cavex Bleach Heavy. This often is required with bruxers or when a more liquid bleach material is used.



The Cavex Mouth Protectors are professional 3.8 mm, 4 mm or 5 mm dual layered laminates with a combined hard and soft layer. The soft layer ensures good shock absorption and the hard layer distributes the force of the impact, resulting in optimal protection of your teeth. Use the 5 mm Cavex Mouth Protector X-Pro for heavier sports.



The Cavex Splint, Cavex Splint X-heavy and Cavex Bruxism sheets are made of a colourless and rigid material (PETG). Cavex Splint (0.6 mm) and Cavex Splint X-heavy (1.5 mm) are ideal for splints, surgical trays, orthodontic retainers, night guards etc. Cavex Bruxism sheets are 2 mm thick sheets for use as occlusal splint to prevent or limit tooth wear.

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