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Cavex ScanSpray

Cavex ScanSpray was developed to optimize the scannability of alginate impressions. The addition of titanium dioxide enables even the smallest details to be clearly scannable. This powder-based spray is suitable for any type of dental impression material.

Apply a thin layer of Cavex ScanSpray to the impression to enhance a highly elaborated and detailed digital model of the dental impression.

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  • Highly elaborated and detailed digital impression models
  • Compatible with all types of dental impression materials
  • Powder-based instead of oil-based
  • FAQ

  • Instructions For Use

  • FAQ

  • Can Cavex ScanSpray be used intra-oral?

    Cavex ScanSpray should not be used intra-orally as it contains hazardous substances. This can lead to drowsiness, dizziness and in the worst case can even be fatal. In addition, the mouthpiece is not suitable for intra-oral applications.

  • What is the best way to apply Cavex ScanSpray?

    Cavex ScanSpray is best applied on a cleaned impression (this can be achieved by using Cavex ImpreSafe). Remove moisture from the impression and shake the ScanSpray bottle well before use. Apply a thin layer of ScanSpray to the impression from a distance of 10-15 cm (4-6 inches). Remove any excess powder residues with compressed air.

  • How many impressions can be sprayed with a bottle of Cavex ScanSpray?

    Cavex ScanSpray has a spray time of over 420 seconds. Depending on the spray time per impression, the spray is sufficient for around 200 applications.

  • Why is Cavex ScanSpray powder-based and not oil-based?

    The Cavex ScanSpray is powder-based because the powder does not interfere with the impression, unlike oil-based scan sprays. Oil-based scan sprays can only be used on silicone materials where Cavex ScanSpray can be used on all types of impressions.

  • Cavex Cream alginate is already scannable, is it beneficial to spray the Cavex Cream impressions with Cavex ScanSpray?

    The scanability has indeed been taken into account with the development of Cavex Cream. With the addition of titanium dioxide and dye Cavex Cream is easy to scan. Yet Cavex Cream impressions can be made better scannable with a fine layer of Cavex ScanSpray. The detail reproduction of the scan will be optimized.

  • Can the impression still be poured out with the addition of Cavex ScanSpray and after scanning?

    Although it is often said that it is difficult to pour out an impression with the application of a scan spray, this is not the case with the Cavex ScanSpray. The result of a gypsum model will be best if the applied layer of titanium dioxide is removed before pouring the gypsum. Remove the spray by wiping it off with a tissue or by rinsing it off with water.

  • Is it possible to spray and scan a light curing base plate with the Cavex ScanSpray?

    Yes, the light curing base plate can be sprayed and scanned very well.

  • Is it possible to spray and scan a wax model with the Cavex ScanSpray?

    Yes, a wax model can be sprayed and scanned very well.