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Cavex Dental Trays

Cavex Dental Trays have been used for many years in dental laboratories all over the world to make well-fitting impression trays. We differentiate between Cavex LC Dental Tray and Cavex Individual Tray.

Cavex LC Dental Tray

The Cavex Light Curing Dental Tray is a light-curing synthetic resin spoon plate for creating individual or functional impression trays. The material is also suitable for making base plates for wax-ups and bite templates.

The Cavex LC Dental Tray offers various benefits, among which are its extra-wide shape. Consequently, the hassle with sticking up pieces belongs to the past. Furthermore, the processing is simplified as the material can be cured with halogen and UV. Once properly cured, the material is dimensionally stable.

Features Cavex LC Dental Tray:

  • Light-curing tray material
  • Curing time with halogen or UV: 3 to 5 minutes
  • Extended width
  • Three-year shelf life
  • Fifty sheets per unit

Cavex Individual Tray

The Individual Tray is another dental tray developed by Cavex. The gray-colored tray with a standard thickness of 1.9 mm guarantees an optimal fit even when the spoon is stored for a longer period. Fast processing and a favorable price/quality ratio are reasons why the Cavex Individual Tray has been popular in dental laboratories all over the world for many years.

Features Cavex Individual Tray:

  • Simple technique
  • Rapid processing
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Cost-efficient
  • Standard thickness of 1.9 mm
  • Metal handles included

Do you want more information about Cavex Dental Trays and how they are used for well-fitting impression trays? Download the brochure below. Visit our distributor’s page to discover where the product is available.