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Cavex Waxes

Cavex has developed two dental waxes: Cavex Set Up Wax and Cavex Yellow Wax, of which Yellow Wax is the softer variant. As both waxes hold flow during adaptation by the dental technician, the waxes can be molded as desired.

Cavex Set Up Wax

Cavex Set Up Wax is a top-shelf modeling wax. The wax is available in Soft, Regular, Hard, and Extra Hard. Processing is identical but melting points and carving wax hardness vary. In addition to these variants, the wax is now available in Regular Flex. This dental wax is characterized by extra heat transition flexibility, offering technicians a Cavex Set-Up Wax that perfectly matches the processing of the wax.

Set Up wax plates are large and usually sufficient for two prostheses. In addition to setting up the bite wall, Cavex dental wax adheres well to the spoon and is therefore also used as a boxing wax. Due to its ideal consistency, this wax is one of the top material choices for bite registration in dental clinics. A prosthesis must both be beautiful and fit perfectly. To that end, Cavex Set Up Wax holds flow when molded by the dental technician and can be processed as desired.

Features Cavex Set Up Wax:

  • For complete and partial dentures
  • Low casting shrinkage
  • Dimensionally stable
  • Elastic, holds the flow
  • Modeling and boxing wax

Cavex Yellow Wax

Cavex Yellow Wax is a softer dental wax and even easier to mold. Perfect for eliminating undercuts and adjusting the edges of impression trays.

Features Cavex Yellow Wax:

  • For adjustment to impression trays
  • Blocking out undercuts
  • Flexible, easy to mold
  • Cost-efficient
  • Five-year shelf life

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Art. nr. Description Contents
WA004 Cavex Set Up Wax Soft 23x sheet (500 g)
WA014 Cavex Set Up Wax Soft 115x sheet (2,5 kg)
WA005 Cavex Set Up Wax Regular 23x sheet (500 g)
WA015 Cavex Set Up Wax Regular 115x sheet (2,5 kg)
WA006 Cavex Set Up Wax Hard 23x sheet (500 g)
WA016 Cavex Set Up Wax Hard 115x sheet (2,5 kg)
WA002 Cavex Set Up Wax Regular Flex 23x sheet (500 g)
WA012 Cavex Set Up Wax Regular Flex 115x sheet (2,5 kg)
WA008 Cavex Set Up Wax Extra hard 23x sheet (500 g)
WA018 Cavex Set Up Wax Extra Hard 115x sheet (2,5 kg)
WB006 Cavex Yellow Wax 17x sheet (375 g)