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Cavex Alginate Mixer II

Improve impression results with perfectly mixed alginate at the touch of a button: Cavex Alginate Mixer II. Mixing alginate into a smooth paste requires a lot of experience. The user’s mixing skills influence the texture, consistency, and hence the quality of the alginate mix. Less accurately mixed alginates result in less accurate dental impressions.

The Cavex Alginate Mixer II enhances dental impression performance by standardizing the alginate mixing procedure and eliminating even the slightest occasional imperfections. Consequently, dental professionals are assured of a smooth and homogeneous mixture, free of lumps or air bubbles. Time after time.

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  • Hygienic
  • User friendly
  • Easy to clean
  • More accurate printing
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  • FAQ

  • What are the benefits of using a Cavex Alginate Mixer instead of mixing alginate manually?

    Mixing with the Cavex Alginate Mixer offers several advantages as opposed to manual mixing.
    – The mixer creates a smooth, homogeneous and bubble-free alginate mix, ensuring a more detailed impression.
    – Standardization throughout the dental practice: not everybody is proficient at mixing
    manually, but everybody will be able to deliver a consistently perfect quality using the
    – The mixer enables much faster mixing than the manual process, leaving more time to
    attend to the patient and/or other tasks.
    – No risk of a reaction with gypsum because of the CaSO4, which is used for the hardening
    of both alginate and gypsum. In manual mixing there is a greater risk of such a reaction,
    which may result in the failure of the cast.
    – The hardening time can easily be adjusted using the timer setting on the mixer: an 8
    second setting ensures more processing time, whereas hardening is much faster with a 12
    second setting. The setting can easily be adjusted per type of impression, per patient and
    for summer/winter application.
    – The alginate mixer is easy to use with just the touch of a button. The device is also easy to

  • How should the Cavex Alginate Mixer be used?

    1. Put 2 to 3 spoonful’s of alginate into the mixing bowl.
    2. Apply the appropriate quantity of water using the measuring bottle.
    3. Use the stirring stick to pre-stir the mixture; this makes it easier to clean the mixer afterwards and is important to prolong the lifetime of the device.
    4. Screw the cover onto the mixing bowl and place the bowl in the mixer.
    5. Close the Alginate Mixer, set the mixing time to 8, 10 or 12 seconds depending on the
    required hardening time, and press Start.
    6. After mixing, remove the mixing bowl from the machine and pour the alginate mixture
    into the impression tray in a single movement. This will avoid air inclusion.

  • How should the Cavex Alginate Mixer be set up?

    1. Remove the locking bolts on the lower side of the mixer. (Make sure you keep these bolts
    to use for any future transport.)
    2. Place the mixer on a solid, stable and even surface.
    3. Check that the voltage indicated on the device corresponds with the mains power and
    connect the mixer using the power feed cable supplied.

  • What is the best way to clean the Cavex Alginate Mixer?

    Dissolve a little Cavex GreenClean (alginate solvent) in water according to the instructions provided on the Cavex GreenClean packaging. The mixer can be cleaned easily using the stirring stick and a tissue with the Cavex GreenClean solvent. To ensure a long life for your Alginate Mixer, store the cleaned device in a clean and dry place.

  • How should the mixing bowls be cleaned?

    The mixing bowls can either be cleaned with a tissue or by rinsing them under a running tap. Cavex GreenClean can be used to remove more persistent soiling. The mixing bowls should not be cleaned in the thermal disinfector due to the risk of deformation and roughening of the inner surface.

  • What is included with the Cavex Alginate Mixer?

    In addition to the Cavex Alginate Mixer itself, you will receive the following products:
    • 10 x 500 grams of Cavex alginate at your choice
    • 1 magnetic basket
    • 4 mixing bowls
    • 1 spatula
    • 1 measuring bottle
    • 1 stirring stick
    • Instructions for use

  • Does the Cavex Alginate Mixer come with a warranty?

    There is a one-year warranty on your Cavex Alginate Mixer. Should there be an issue, please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the mixer.

  • What materials can be mixed using the Cavex Alginate Mixer?

    The Cavex Alginate Mixer can be used to mix all types of alginate. Cavex Alginates as a Normal Set are the most appropriate for the Alginate Mixer. This is because the action of the mixer is highly intensive and increases the speed at which the components react.

  • How can the mixing time of the Cavex Alginate Mixer be set?

    If you want to mix for less or more than 8, 10 or 12 seconds, you can use the panel to set another time of between 1 and 16 seconds as a fixed program. The programmed setting can be saved by pressing both arrows on the keyboard at the same time.

  • What do the error messages mean?

    – If the error message ‘E1’ appears on the timer display, the cover is not properly closed. Close the cover again, taking care that it is firmly in place.
    – If the error message ‘E2’ appears on the timer display, there is a flaw in the control board. The mixer must be returned for repair to the depot from which it was purchased.

  • What are the dimensions and weight of the Cavex Alginate Mixer?

    Dimensions: W x D x H 205 x 250 x 295mm
    Weight: 16 kg (35.2 lb.)

  • Assortment

Art. nr. Description Contents
AT520 Cavex Alginate Mixer II & Cavex Cream 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II, 10x 500 g Cavex Cream NS, 4 Mixing Bowls, 1x Water Dosing Bottle, Accessories, IFU
AT521 Cavex Alginate Mixer II & CA37 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II, 10x 500 g Cavex CA37 NS, 4 Mixing Bowls, 1x Water Dosing Bottle, Accessories, IFU
AT522 Cavex Alginate Mixer II & Impressional 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II, 10x 500 g Cavex Impressional NS, 4 Mixing Bowls, 1x Water Dosing Bottle, Accessories, IFU
AT523 Cavex Alginate Mixer II & ColorChange 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II, 10x 500 g Cavex ColorChange, 4 Mixing Bowls, 1x Water Dosing Bottle, Accessories, IFU
AT524 Cavex Alginate Mixer II & Orthotrace 1x Cavex Alginate Mixer II, 10x 500 g Cavex Cavex Orthotrace, 4 Mixing Bowls, 1x Water Dosing Bottle, Accessories, IFU
AT530 Mixing Bowl For Cavex Alginate Mixer II 1x
AT511 Plastic Spatula For Cavex Alginate Mixer 1x
AT513 Plastic Stirrer For Cavex Alginate Mixer 1x