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Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use

Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use is a professional, unique, quick, safe, and above all, easy to use whitening kit for at home. This second generation Ready 2 Use teeth whitening kit has been upgraded with Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology. Extremely quick and effective HPS gel boosts performance so a fantastic whitening result is reached after bleaching for just 8 days, 15 minutes per day. On top of that, this home whitening kit is immediately ready for usage and pH neutral.

Due to temperature stability, the new Cavex Ready 2 Use does not need to be refrigerated. Also, the product is very user-friendly. Unlike other systems that require whitening trays to be worn overnight, treatment with Cavex Ready 2 Use takes just 15 minutes per day.

Unpack the teeth whitening set, place the standardized pre-filled whitening tray in the mouth, and enjoy shiny results in just 15 minutes! Teeth are whitening evenly as one pre-filled whitening spoon is sufficient to whiten both the upper and lower teeth simultaneously.

More information about this product? Download the brochure below. Visit our distributor’s page to discover where the product is available.


  • Consistent whitening results with 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS)
  • 8 flexible whitening trays for 8 days
  • One size fits all tray that simultaneously whitens the upper and lower teeth
  • HPS technology: complete whitening treatment in 8 days
  • Only 15 minutes per day
  • Stable at room temperature
  • PH neutral

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In 2017 Cavex gathered the world’s most renowned dental specialist in the field of teeth whitening from all over the world for the congress ‘WhiteningĀ  shouldn’t be frightening’. During this congress these specialists shared their view on the various available whitening solutions and techniques. Click here to read more.

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  • How does teeth whitening work?

    Discoloration of teeth can have an intrinsic and/or an extrinsic cause. When the discoloring has an intrinsic cause, it means that there are small cracks in the enamel and dentin. Molecules within these cracks discolor and cause the discoloration of teeth. Extrinsic causes are the stains on the surface of the teeth. The gel used in Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use contains 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) and handles both intrinsic and extrinsic discoloration. The proven whitening agent is able to penetrate enamel and break down the discolored molecules through the formation of radicals (small energy balls).

  • Is teeth whitening bad for the teeth?

    A whitening treatment should always be supervised by a dentist. Whitening under controlled dental office conditions is safe and effective. Clinical studies support the safety and effectiveness of home whitnening gels when used appropriately. Tooth sensitivity and irritation to soft tissues can occur during whitening treatment, but these effects only last for a short time and have no long-term effects. Cavex Bite&White has been developed and produced according strict European Cosmetic legislation and has undergone thorough testing and evaluation.

  • Does teeth whitening cause sensitivity to teeth or gums?

    The gel used in Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use contains potassium nitrate, this is a desensitizer, therefore minimizing sensitivity. Slight sensitivity is possible and varies from person to person. In this case a desensitizing product like Cavex ExSense could be considered after the whitening treatment.

  • What is the difference between in-office and at-home whitening?

    In-Office whitening treatments are performed in one or two sessions but have a much faster relapse. At-Home whitening treatments take one, two or three weeks, but the results last much longer lasting.

  • Can restorations, crowns and facings be bleached?

    Restorations, crowns and facings will not be affected by the whitening gel. A possible solution for this is to replace the restorations after reaching the desired teeth color.

  • Why is 6% hydrogen peroxide the maximum percentage?

    Based upon numerous studies the Scientific Committee on Consumer Products (SCCP) made a safety evaluation in 2011 on the use of hydrogen peroxide in oral hygiene products and tooth whitening products. As in many risk evaluations the SCCP used the Margin Of Safety (MOS) to determine the maximum concentration which can be considered as safe.
    Based upon the MOS evaluation the SCCP considered 6% hydrogen peroxide (16% carbamide peroxide) to be the maximum allowed concentration.

  • What is the difference between the previous and the new Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use?

    The previous Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use was not developed with Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology. HPS technology makes the whitening gel ā€˜temperature stableā€™ and therefore it does not have to be refrigerated. The new Ready 2 Use also has the perfect balance between maximum effectiveness and maximum stability because of the HPS technology so the tray has to be in the mouth for just fifteen minutes!

  • What tray is used for Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use?

    The tray of the Ready 2 Use whitening treatment is a unique ā€˜one-size-fits-allā€™ DryflexĀ® tray. This tray is very flexible and therefore fits everyone. This tray also makes it easier to perform a whitening treatment because it is already pre-filled.

  • Where can Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use be bought?

    In short, at the dentist and the dentist at a dental distributor. Cavex Bite&White should only be sold via a dentist. Before any whitening treatment is performed a consultation with a qualified dentist is recommended to ensure there are no underlying oral or health issues. According to the new European Cosmetic Directive 76/768/EEC, teeth whitening or bleaching products containing between 0.1% and 6% hydrogen peroxide (16% carbamide peroxide) for at-home use can only be sold by dentists. Higher concentrations are not allowed for at-home use within Europe.
    Cavex Bite&White is developed in full compliance with this new European legislation, and Cavex fully supports the enforcement of this law.

  • What is the best moment to perform the Ready 2 Use whitening treatment?

    We recommend performing a whitening treatment before going to sleep. Put the pre-filled whitening tray in the mouth and leave it in for just fifteen minutes, then rinse the mouth. While asleep there is sufficient time for reā€mineralization after bleaching. Right after the whitening treatment the teeth are more sensitive to discoloration by food or drinks. The structure of the teeth is more open, so eating or drinking products that could stain (e.g. red wine, coffee, tea, soda, cigarettes) are advised against. Anything that can stain a white tā€shirt can stain whitened teeth. While asleep there is no risk of staining.

  • For how long should the tray be worn in the mouth?

    The tray only needs to be worn in the mouth for just fifteen minutes because of the HPS technology. The HPS technology patented by Cavex ensures that Cavex Ready 2 Use has the perfect balance between maximum effectiveness and maximum stability, what makes the wearing time shorter.

  • How many times should the procedure be repeated?

    The box contains eight preā€filled trays, and we advise to use one tray a day for eight consecutive days. By this time the teeth will be significantly whiter. When not yet totally satisfied with the results an extension of the treatment can be considered in consultation with the dentist.

  • How much whiter will teeth become?

    An exact indication cannot be given except… the teeth will be whiter after the treatment! How much whiter differs from person to person, depending on the nature and state of the teeth, the type of measurements and the motivation (discipline) of the person. The Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use packaging includes a shade guide. This makes it very easy to see which shade the teeth had before and after treatment.

  • How should Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use be stored?

    The new and improved Ready 2 Use can be stored on room temperature thank to the HPS technology. The gel only becomes active with moist and temperature from the mouth.

  • How long can Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use be stored?

    Cavex Bite&White Ready 2 Use has a shelf life of three years and does not need to be stored in the refrigerator.