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Cavex ProphyPaste

Stains, plaque and bacteria are important contributors in the development of gingivitis, periodontitis and cavities. Therefore, professional removal is an important part of maintaining good oral health. Especially for this Cavex ProphyPaste was developed, based on many years of experience in paste technology and providing dental professionals the best possible product for prophylactic treatments. The paste is highly effective in the removal of deposits and discolorations thanks to the unique mix of different silica grains. Cavex ProphyPaste is available with two different RDA properties: Regular and Fine.

Cavex ProphyPaste Regular has a higher abrasiveness with an RDA of 130 to 150. Therefore it is perfect for thorough cleaning, while still maintaining a smooth finish. It comes in a light blue color with a refreshing mint flavor.

Cavex ProphyPaste Fine has a lower abrasiveness with an RDA of 50 to 60. Therefore it is perfect for the gentle cleaning with a high polishing effect and very well suitable for use on implants, crowns and bridges. It comes in a pink color with a pleasant cranberry flavor.

Both pastes are pH neutral and contain fluoride, anti-staining and anti-bacterial components. The pastes come in a flip cap tube making the tubes easy to open and close with one hand. Due to the ideal consistency, the paste is easy to apply and does not splatter. After the treatment the paste can easily be rinsed away without leaving any residue, also making it an excellent pre-conditioner for whitening treatment.

Cavex ProphyPaste contains no hard particles, making it completely safe for enamel and preventing the sensation of sand particles in the mouth by the patient after treatment. So, next to excellent cleaning and polishing results Cavex ProphyPaste is safe, easy to use, pleasant for the patient and packaged in a way that contributes to a more sustainable future.

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  • Safe and effective
  • Contains fluoride
  • pH neutral
  • Ideal consistency, no splattering
  • Perfect pre-conditioning for whitening
  • patient-friendly during and after treatment