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Cavex alginate accessories

Various external factors can influence the quality of alginate impressions. This includes the water temperature, mixing ratio, mixing technique, and storage conditions. Cavex has developed various alginate accessories to optimize and standardize these external factors. With our alginate accessories, you can always rely on a perfect alginate impression.

Alginate accessories

The following accessories are available:

  • The alginate container for controlled storage and exact dosing of the alginate powder
  • The water dosing bottle for a controlled, constant water temperature and exact dosing of the water
  • The flexible mixing bowl with mixing spatula (spatula also available in metal)

alginate container

The Cavex alginate container ensures airtight storage so that no moisture can reach the powder. The container is available in two colors so that you can distinguish between multiple alginates. The exact amount of alginate can be measured with the powder scoop.

water dosing bottle

The water dosing bottle ensures that the water is always at a constant room temperature. In addition, the exact amount of water can be measured simply by squeezing the bottle. Overdosing is not possible due to the innovative drainage system. The water dosing bottle guarantees the ideal ratio between powder and water so that the alginate mix always has a consistent quality.

Mixing bowl with spatula

The flexibility of the mixing cup in combination with the mixing spatula makes manual mixing easier and provides better results by reducing lumps and air bubbles. With the Cavex alginate accessories, you can optimize and standardize the entire impression process and ensure a consistent result time after time.

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  • Assortment

Art. nr. Description Contents
AT240 Cavex Alginate Container blue 1x Container
AT260 Cavex Alginate Container pink 1x Container
AT021 Cavex Water Dosing Bottle 1x Bottle
AT041 Cavex Mixing Bowl blue 1x Bowl
AT042 Cavex Mixing Spatula plastic 1x Spatula
AT060 Cavex Mixing Spatula metal 1x Spatula
AT076 Cavex Scoop & Water Measuring Cup 50x set
AT040 Cavex Plastic Container transparent (no lid) 1x Container
AT043 Cavex Plastic Container Lid blue 1x Lid