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Quadrant Anterior Shine

Give your patients a healthy, natural look with our light-curing, micro-hybrid composite Quadrant Anterior Shine. A glossy, easy-to-polish surface combined with natural fluorescence makes it very hard to distinguish a restoration from a natural tooth.

This extremely durable micro-hybrid composite guarantees a wear and fracture-resistant surface. Additionally, low liquid absorption results in high color stability.

Quadrant Anterior Shine is a perfect composite filling for:

  • Front restorations
  • Treatment of enamel hypoplasia
  • Discolorations
  • Tooth corrections
  • Diastema closure

More information about this product? Download the brochure below. Visit our distributor’s page to discover where the product is available.


  • Barium glass technology
  • High gloss polishable
  • Natural fluorescence
  • Perfect chameleon effect
  • Black light effect
  • High elasticity
  • Superior processing properties
  • Thixotropic
  • Color stable
  • High fracture toughness
  • Does not stick to instruments
  • BPA free (Bisphenol A)


We value the opinion of the dentist. That is why we let The Dental Advisor test our Quadrant Anterior Shine composite. After years of research and more than 500 placed restorations by a team of dentists, this composite restorative material received a clinical rating of no less than 98%, which corresponds to the maximum rating of 5 pluses. Professionals praise the durability and aesthetic properties of the material.

Read the full report with quotes from dentists here.

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  • How to choose the Quadrant color?

    Choose the closest match on the supplied color ring made of real composite. A so-called “mock-up” is the best way to make sure you get the right color. This involves applying the selected color to the element without performing the bonding procedure first. Just cure the material and polish it. Because no bond has been used you can easily remove the cured composite with an instrument. The following aspects must be kept in mind when choosing the right color:

    • the color changes during polymerization (gets lighter or darker).
    • the color changes somewhat during polishing (luster).
    • dried-out elements (rubber dam, cotton wads) temporarily assume a somewhat lighter color.
  • How to get the best intermediate color?

    Not by mixing but by applying layers of different colors on top of one other. If you’re going to use an opaque color (OA2, OA3.5) in this process, apply this color first.

  • What are opaque colors (OA2, OA3.5) used for?

    To mask discolorations. If the discoloration is intense (e.g. metal or a badly-discolored endodontically-treated element) then an opaque composite or opaque flowable composite must be applied first. The opaque composite can then be covered with Quadrant Universal LC or Quadrant Anterior Shine.

  • Why is applying layers of different-colored composite on top of one other better than mixing?

    Mixing leads to the incorporation of air bubbles which has an undesirable effect on the strength (porosities) and can also cause surface discolorations.

  • Can Quadrant Anterior Shine be combined with Quadrant Universal LC?

    Yes. Quadrant Universal LC is used as a strong basis; Quadrant Anterior Shine is then applied over the top of it because of its excellent polish ability and aesthetics. Quadrant Universal LC and Quadrant Anterior Shine are fully compatible.

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Art. nr. Description Contents
FA60 Quadrant Anterior Shine A1 10x caps 0,25 g
FA61 Quadrant Anterior Shine A2 20x caps 0,25 g
FA62 Quadrant Anterior Shine A3 20x caps 0,25 g
FA63 Quadrant Anterior Shine A3,5 20x caps 0,25 g
FA64 Quadrant Anterior Shine A4 10x caps 0,25 g
FA65 Quadrant Anterior Shine B2 10x caps 0,25 g
FA66 Quadrant Anterior Shine B3 20x caps 0,25 g
FA67 Quadrant Anterior Shine C2 10x caps 0,25 g
FA68 Quadrant Anterior Shine C4 10x caps 0,25 g
FA69 Quadrant Anterior Shine D3 10x caps 0,25 g
FA70 Quadrant Anterior Shine Incisal 20x caps 0,25 g
FA71 Quadrant Anterior Shine OA2 10x caps 0,25 g
FA72 Quadrant Anterior Shine OA3,5 10x caps 0,25 g
FA73 Quadrant Anterior Shine Dark Shade 10x caps 0,25 g
FA74 Quadrant Anterior Shine Bleach 10x caps 0,25 g
FA57 Quadrant Disposable Mixing Dishes 25x Mixing Dish