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Cavex Oral Pre Rinse

Cavex developed Oral Pre Rinse by combining scientific findings with years of experience in the field of hydrogen peroxide and mouthwashes. Cavex Oral Pre Rinse is a pre-procedural mouth rinse with 1.5% stabilized hydrogen peroxide. 30 to 60 seconds of flushing before treatment significantly reduces the risk of any viruses spreading, including the coronavirus.

Cavex Oral Pre Rinse contains a bio-adhesive that creates an ideal viscosity and foam condition. Erythritol has an antibacterial effect and strengthens cleansing. The addition of glycerin prevents dry mouth. Cavex Oral Pre Rinse has a nice, slightly sweet mint flavor, offering patients a pleasant rinsing experience.

The innovative Cavex Oral Pre Rinse mouthwash is instantly ready for use. The product comes in 500 ml bottles with an integrated dosing cup. Each bottle is sufficient for about 50 rinses.

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  • Pre-procedural oral rinse
  • Contains 1.5% stabilized hydrogen peroxide
  • Kills viruses, including COVID-19
  • Ready to use
  • Effective in 30-60 seconds
  • Patient-friendly, pleasant taste
  • 500 ml for about 50 rinses
  • Bottle with integrated dosing cup
  • FAQ

  • Instructions For Use

  • FAQ

  • Why would a patient use Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    Cavex Oral Pre Rinse has been developed as a pre-treatment for the execution of a dental procedure (e.g. bleaching treatment)

  • How should a patient use Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    Cavex Oral Pre Rinse may only be provided to a patient by a dental professional. The prescribed 10-15 ml is dosed using the dosing bottle in a clean cup after which the patient can rinse the mouth for 30 – 60 seconds.

  • What are the main ingredients of the Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    The main ingredients are: hydrogen peroxide to which bio-adhesive has been added for the right viscosity and foam condition. Erythritol with an antibacterial effect enhances the cleansing effect. Further additions of glycerin against dry mouth and a light mint flavor.

  • Why is there foaming during rinsing?

    Hydrogen peroxide disintegrates into water and oxygen releasing active radicals. The radicals have a bleaching effect and are effective against microorganisms. The oxygen creates the foaming.

  • Why is the foam syrupy?

    The addition of the bio-adhesive optimizes the foam, putting the radicals in the right place in the mouth. It is therefore important that the foam is thoroughly spat out after rinsing.

  • Does Cavex Oral Pre Rinse contain chlorine?

    No, Cavex Oral Pre rinse does not contain chlorine, CHX or alcohol. These ingredients do have cleansing and antibacterial effects but are insufficiently effective.

  • Does Cavex Oral Pre Rinse contain harmful ingredients?

    Cavex Oral Pre Rinse contains no harmful substances other than the active ingredient 1.5 %
    hydrogen peroxide

  • What is the pH value of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    The pH value of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse is 6.0 – 7.5, so at the level of saliva. This value is well above the critical value of 5.5, under which erosion occurs.

  • Can the color of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse be adjusted?

    No, since Cavex Oral Pre Rinse has a bleaching effect, this will immediately break down any dye.

  • Does Cavex Oral Pre Rinse contain ingredients that can cause an allergic reaction?

    If a patient is hypersensitive to taste extracts such as mint, the use of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse is discouraged.

  • Can Cavex Oral Pre Rinse be used during pregnancy?

    Yes, Cavex Oral Pre Rinse can be used during pregnancy because the product contains no ingredients harmful to the body.

  • Can Cavex Oral Pre Rinse be used by diabetes patients?

    Cavex Oral Pre Rinse may be used by patients with diabetes. Erythritol and saccharin are artificial sweeteners. They are not converted into the body but completely excreted by the kidneys and therefore have no influence on blood sugar.

  • Can children use Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    The product contains hydrogen peroxide and is therefore covered by the cosmetics directive as a bleach. Cavex Oral Pre Rinse is not recommended for persons under the age of 18.

  • What research has been carried out on the effectiveness of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    Several articles describe the safe functioning of hydrogen peroxide as bleach for teeth and the antiviral/antibacterial action of hydrogen peroxide. For details “Evaluation of Effectiveness“.

  • Why was 1.5% hydrogen peroxide chosen in Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    In Europe, 6% is the maximum amount of peroxide that can be used as bleach. 1.5% is minimally necessary to obtain a bleaching effect and well above 1 % is desired to obtain sufficient effectiveness against microorganisms.

  • How long does a kit/bottle last?

    A 500 ml bottle contains about 50 doses.

  • What is the shelf life of Cavex Oral Pre Rinse.

    Hydrogen peroxide always shows decomposition by light and heat. Therefore, the advice is to keep Cavex Oral Pre Rinse in the fridge for up to 1 year. After opening, the proper operation can be guaranteed for another 1 month if kept at room temperature (<25 C)

  • What to do if a patient swallows the Cavex Oral Pre Rinse?

    Hydrogen peroxide breaks down into oxygen and water, both of which are not harmful to the body. Furthermore, it concerns only a small amount (maximum 10ml) and a low concentration (maximum 1.5%) that is further diluted in the stomach. However, annoying foam can lead to vomiting. In case of persistent complaints, always consult a doctor.

  • How to rinse with Cavex Oral Pre Rinse if the patient finds rinsing annoying?

    Keep the throat in the back more “closed” and move less when rinsing to avoid the Cavex Oral Pre Rinse running down the throat.

  • Why should Cavex Oral Pre rinse always be used, even if no rotary instruments (controls) are used?

    In a normal procedure, the air syringe will be used regularly, saliva can be released from the mouth.

  • I notice a haze in the bottle Oral Pre rinse, can it still be used?

    Yes you can use the Oral Pre Rinse, just shake before use.

  • The patient wants to rinse with water after the pre-treatment, is that allowed?

    This is not necessary but is allowed. We advise not to rinse with water and only spit out the Oral Pre Rinse. This allows any remnants to continue to work.

  • The suction foams, how can we avoid this?

    Let the patient spit out in the beaker and rinse the system with sufficient water.

  • Can I use Cavex Oral Pre Rinse daily if the dentist sells the bottle to the patient?

    It is possible to use the product daily as it is a known peroxide whitening rinse.

  • Pharmacists sell irrigation solutions above 1% hydrogen peroxide. Why can't we sell to patients / users?

    The Cosmetic Directive restricts the direct distribution of hydrogen peroxide products with concentration > 0,1% by manufacturers.

  • Kruideniers/appothekers verkopen irrigatie oplossingen met meer de 1% waterstofperoxide. Waarom kan alleen een tandarts Cavex Oral Pre Rinse verkopen aan de patient?