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Quadrant Supplements

Q-Brushes XL

Quadrant Q-Brushes XL are extra-large disposable application brushes for the application of primer, bondings, and desensitizers.

These bendable brushes can be used for multiple purposes. Once bent, the brush will maintain a fixed position. The extra-large application brushes significantly aid when applying larger amounts of liquid.

Features Q-Brushes XL:

  • For the application of etch, bonding and desensitizer
  • Brushes can be bent in different positions
  • Brush maintains desired position
  • XL size


The Quadrant Quast, or ‘Quadrant Anterior Shine Tool’, is a brush specifically selected for the precise application and distribution of Quadrant Anterior Shine. This revolutionary brush realizes superior composite facings. The Cavex Quadrant Quast was developed in collaboration with Dutch dentist and prominent opinion leader Hein de Kloet.

Features Quast:

  • Specifically developed for the application and distribution of Quadrant Anterior Shine
  • Developed in collaboration with Hein de Kloet
  • For superior composite facings


The Q-Systemisers are convenient and hygienic organizing systems for composite capsules and syringes. The idea for this unique design originated from the Dutch dentist and prominent opinion leader Hein de Kloet.

The Q-Systemiser for capsules is made up of compartments with individual notches in which capsules can be placed. The syringe systemizer holds fourteen composite syringes. Both Quadrant Q-Systemisers contain an integrated brush dispenser with a unique rotating system.

Features Q-Systemizers:

  • Unique design
  • Sixteen capsule compartments or Fourteen composite syringes spaces
  • Practical and hygienic

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  • Assortment

Art. nr. Description Contents
FF21 Quadrant Brush XL 100x Brush
FF30 Quadrant Anterior Shine Tool (QUAST) 12x QUAST
FG40 Quadrant Systemizer for caps 1x Systemizer for Caps, 100x Quadrant Brush XL
FG41 Quadrant Systemizer for syringes 1x Systemizer for Syringes, 100x Quadrant Brush XL