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Cavex Impressional

Cavex Impressional enables you to take alginate impressions down to the last detail. The alginate has a unique combination of very high elasticity, tear strength, and detail reproduction (25 μm). Consequently, this alginate product is very suitable for working around metal frames and/or deep undercuts.

Cavex Impressional is available in Normal (90 sec.) and Fast Set (60 sec.). Due to the combination of fast setting and a pleasant spearmint aroma, patients enjoy more pleasant procedures.

More information about this product? Download the brochure below. Check our distributor’s page and discover where the product is available.


  • Unique combination of high elasticity and tear strength
  • Detail reproduction of 25 µm
  • Optimal gypsum compatibility
  • Clearly legible blue color
  • Spearmint aroma
  • Dust-free
  • Suitable for the alginate hydrocolloid technique
  • Short setting time
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  • How do I store alginate powder?

    Always keep alginate cool and dry. Therefore, after opening a bag, pour the alginate into an airtight container. Using the Cavex alginate container, the alginate powder is stored safely and ease of use is increased.

  • After mixing, the alginate is running or too thin. What happened?

    It is likely that too much water is being used, resulting in a thin and runny mixture. Check the packaging for the correct proportions. Ensure proper mixing equipment is used. Cavex alginates have their own specific measuring cups and alginate spoons. They are easy to recognize as they all bear the Cavex logo.

  • quickSetting time is too or too slow. What might cause this?

    Temperature directly affects the curing time of alginates. The temperature increase of 1°C reduces curing by about 5 seconds and vice versa. Use room temperature water at all times for a reliable mix. In tropical environments, the room temperature may be too high. It is then recommended to use colder water. Water with a lot of calcium reduces the curing time, as does distilled water.


  • The alginate mixture contains air bubbles. What happened?

    The alginate is not mixed well. For best mixing by hand, the use of a flexible cup and a hard spatula is recommended.

  • Does disinfection influence the stability of an alginate impression?

    No, as long as the print is not submerged for too long (i.e. Cavex ImpreSafe). Cavex does not recommend the use of alcohol-based disinfectants, because these disinfectants will remove water from the print too quickly, causing deformation.

  • During disinfection the solution shows a haze. Is this harmful?

    No, this is normal. When submerging an alginate impression in a water-based solution, the impression dissolves slightly. The longer the print is submerged, the more it will dissolve. As long as the print is not left under water for too long, the dissolving will not affect the accuracy.

  • How to handle an impression after removing it from the mouth?

    Immediately after removing the impression from the mouth, rinse the impression under running tap water to remove saliva and other residues. Disinfect the print as normal. See previous questions for more information and recommendations regarding disinfection. After disinfection, rinse the impression under running tap water. Remove excess water from the print by shaking it. Do not wipe or blow dry! Place the print in an airtight bag and/or container. Never add a piece of damp cotton wool or water! This will lead to swelling of the print, resulting in distortions. Keep the printout at room temperature during the entire transport. Keep it away from direct sunlight.


  • Does Cavex alginate contain latex, lactose, gluten or balsam of Peru?

    No. Cavex alginate does not contain latex, lactose, gluten or balsam of Peru.
    Hypersensitivity for gluten, coeliakie, is a food allergy in which the human body does not bear gluten. Gluten are proteins that are found in wheat, oat, rye, barley, spelt and kamut. When those who suffer from coeliakie eat gluten, they will show symptoms like fatigue, stomachache, loss of weight and apathy.

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  • My patient is allergic to alginate. Can you give me the ingredients of your product?

    All ingredients of the Cavex alginates are confidential. However, if the patient can explain his allergy, we can confirm or deny whether the allergic reaction is caused by one of the ingredients. If necessary, we are willing to discuss the composition of the alginate with the patient’s practitioner. The most common allergic reaction to alginate is caused by flavors or dyes.

  • I use Cavex Impressional. When I remove the cast from the impression, the cast turns out to be a little blue. What went wrong?

    Nothing went wrong. This is completely normal. Cavex Impressional is a highly reactive alginate that remains reactive even after curing. When using gypsum with a low pH, the gypsum will react with the alginate. The best solution is to use plaster with a more neutral pH. Another solution is to rinse the alginate impression with water in which a little plaster has been dissolved. The dissolved plaster neutralizes the surface of the alginate impression.