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Cavex Bite&White In-Office

For maximum whitening results with minimal sensitivity, Cavex has developed the "Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System". The whitening gel is based on the revolutionary Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology, which achieves unprecedented whitening results with 25% hydrogen peroxide. Due to the extremely fast and effective HPS gel, the maximum whitening result is achieved in just two or three sessions. Cavex's In-Office whitening system is the only system where the whitening gel is applied with a brush for maximum control during application. The also available Whitening Barrier/Spacer protects surrounding soft tissue and any areas that are not be bleached.


Hydrogen Peroxide Superior whitening gel

The whitening gel in the Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System is based on - the by Cavex developed and patented - Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology ". The HPS technology keeps the 25% very pure hydrogen peroxide stable. As a result, the gel is immediately ready for use, without pre-mixing. Due to the unique composition of the HPS gel, the hydrogen peroxide works faster and more effectively, so that the maximum whitening result is achieved after just two or three treatments. This saves time for the dentist and patient sensitivity, as sensitivity increases the more often a treatment is repeated.

The main advantages:

·        Cavex Bite&White In-Office 25% HPS gel is the most effective whitening gel available.

·        Thanks to the accelerators in HPS gel the maximum whitening result is achieved after just two or three treatments.

·        Thanks to the thicker consistency, HPS gel is very controlled to apply and remains perfectly in place during the treatment.

·        HPS gel is ready for use without pre-mixing and temperature stable. This allows the gel to be stored outside the refrigerator. The reaction only starts on contact with moisture (saliva).


Unique application technique

Only the Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System uses pens with a brush to apply the whitening gel. The pen handles very pleasantly and by simply turning the back of the pen, the gel is dosed into the brush. This unique application technique offers complete control over the dosing and application of the whitening gel.


The Cavex Bite&White Barrier/Spacer

The Cavex Bite&White Barrier/Spacer is used as a barrier to prevent soft tissue contact and to shield areas that should not come into contact with the whitening gel. The blue color of the barrier distinguishes the product from the environment. With the included application tips, the barrier is easy to apply, after which it is cured in 30 seconds with a curing lamp. After the treatment, the barrier is easy to remove.

In addition to being used as a barrier in a whitening treatment, the Cavex Bite&White Barrier/Spacer can also be used as a spacer on gypsum models to create reservoirs for the whitening gel in whitening trays.



The Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System consists of three different packages:

·        Starter Pack: 2x 2 ml. Whitening pen, 1x 1 ml. Barrier/Spacer and 5x application tip

·        Pen Bulk Pack: 12x 2 ml. Whitening pen

·        Barrier Bulk Pack: 3x 1 ml. Barrier/Spacer and 15x application tip

All packaging comes with a complete manual in different languages.

“Simple use and good whitening results” with the Cavex In-Office system

Dental Advisor asked 22 dental professionals around the world to test the Cavex In-Office Whitening System. The reviews were very positive, resulting in an overall clinical rating of 86%.

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