Whitening Materials

Cavex Bite&White Barrier/Spacer

The Cavex Bite&White Barrier/Spacer is suitable as a spacer on gypsum models to create reservoirs in the bleaching trays. In addition, the product is also very suitable as a barrier to prevent contact with gum and to shield areas that must not come into contact with the whitening gel during In-Office treatments.

The blue color of the barrier/spacer stands out clearly on gypsum, gum and teeth, so it can be applied very precisely. With the included application tips, the barrier/spacer is easy to apply, after which it is cured in just 30 seconds with a curing lamp. After the treatment, the barrier/spacer is easy to remove.


  • Usable as barrier and spacer.
  • Distinctive blue color for accurate apply.
  • Curing time of just 30 seconds. 
  • 2 x 1 ml barrier/spacer and five application tips.
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