At Cavex we manufacture two main types of high quality amalgams. These are Cavex Non Gamma-2 and Cavex Avalloy. All types of Cavex amalgams are modern, gamma-2 phase free high copper alloys.

The composition chosen means, that Cavex Non Gamma-2 and Cavex Avalloy belong to the group of non gamma-2 alloys. This indicates, that with Cavex Non Gamma-2 or Cavex Avalloy, the mechanically weak and corrosion prone gamma-2 phase will not be present. This is why Cavex amalgams excel in a high mechanical strength, low creep and high corrosion resistance.

General characteristics
- free of gamma-2 phase
- durable
- corrosion resistant
- mechanically stable
- long-term gloss and colour
- compatible with all common mixers
- meet the most recent ISO and ADA-standards
- complete assortment of lathe-cut, spherical and
  dispersed alloys
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