Oral Care

Cavex ExSense


Teeth Desensitizer

Cavex ExSense is a medical device that provides long-term relief against sensitive teeth. Not only by minimizing acute sensitivity, but also by reducing chronic sensitivity. The unique composition, based on 2% pure hydroxyapatite with a hydro-dispersing sol, seals the tubules and microcracks in the enamel and completely closes-off sensitive areas. In addition, Cavex ExSense contributes to the remineralization and restores the micro-hardness of the elements.

The pleasant tasting gel can be applied in two ways: by rubbing in gently with the finger or by wearing it in a tray for about five till ten minutes. Due to its easy application, Cavex ExSense can be used both by the practitioner in the practice and at home by the patient.


  • Hydroxyapatite seals the tubules and microcracks
  • Prevents and reduces sensitivity of the teeth
  • Accelerates the remineralization process
  • Pleasant taste
  • Can be used in practice and at home
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