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The innovative whitening solutions by Cavex

Professional teeth whitening kits

Cavex Bite&White: the best whitening systems

A bright, beautiful smile is an important part of making a good first impression. Research shows that no less than 85% of the population view people with beautiful teeth as more attractive. Hence, more and more patients are looking for an effective, safe, and pain-free way to whiten their teeth. In response to the increasing demand for dental whitening products, Cavex offers safe, effective, and painless whitening kits for professional teeth whitening at-home and in-office.

Since our entrance into the field of teeth whitening back in 2010, Cavex has grown into a leading manufacturer of whitening products. Continue reading and discover the best teeth whitening solutions!

Cavex Bite&White

Most people start their lives with immaculate white teeth. Age, smoking, eating- and drinking habits, medication, and hereditary dental problems cause the teeth to darken in color.

To restore the natural white color of patients’ teeth, our research & development department developed the innovative pH neutral whitening Cavex Bite&White systems. Time flies, because Cavex will celebrate Bite&White’s tenth anniversary this year!

Cavex Bite&White products are effective, fast, safe, pain-free, and extremely user-friendly. Naturally, our whitening systems are fully compliant with European guidelines and legislation for teeth whitening. Consequently, our teeth whitening kits can be used by patients, yet under the supervision of the dentist.

AT-HOME Whitening: directions for use

Using an alginate impression or an intra-oral scan, a model is made. This model is used to produce a custom whitening tray. The combination of a highly accurate whitening tray and Cavex’s thixotropic whitening gel ensures that the teeth are covered with whitening gel evenly while preventing contact between the gel and the gums.

After the dentist has instructed the patient do-it-yourself treatment can be carried out by the patient, wherever and whenever it suits him or her! The Cavex Bite&White products deliver fantastic results, yet without risk and sensitivity.

Cavex Bite&White In-Office

Cavex has also developed the Cavex Bite&White In-Office Whitening System for maximum whitening results with minimal sensitivity. The whitening gel is based on the revolutionary Hydrogen Peroxide Superior (HPS) technology. Due to the extremely fast and effective HPS gel, the maximum whitening result is achieved in just two or three sessions.

Cavex Bite&White In-Offce is the only system where the whitening gel is applied with a brush for total control during application. And that’s not the only advantage!

  • Cavex Bite&White In-Office 25% HPS gel is the most effective whitening gel available.
  • Thanks to the accelerators in HPS gel the maximum whitening result is achieved after just two or three treatments.
  • Thanks to the thicker consistency, the application of the HPS gel is very controlled and the gel remains perfectly in place during the treatment.
  • HPS gel is ready for use without pre-mixing and temperature stable. This allows the gel to be stored outside the refrigerator. The reaction only starts on contact with moisture (saliva).

Interested in teeth whitening kits for at-home and in-office? Discover our whitening products and grant patients a radiant smile with Cavex’ professional teeth whitening sets.