Tooth sensitivity is a frequently occurring problem. Lots of people are tormented every day by sensitive elements such as exposed dentine, or as a result from teeth whitening. Existing treatments with special toothpastes that contain high levels of fluoride, potassium nitrate, etc. quite often provide only temporary and rather unsatisfactory relief. On the other hand, solutions that  provide long-term relief – for example, products that contain glutaraldehyde – are seen as radical or unappealing because of the aggressive nature of the chemical. So, what is an appropriate and effective solution to this painful problem?

Cavex Bite&White ExSense offers fast and long-lasting relief from sensitive teeth thanks to a revolutionary blend of hydroxyapatite and a 'hydro-dispersing clay'. The unique properties of the hydro-dispersing clay ensure accelerated dispersion that helps boost the hydroxyapatite penetration. Thanks to the synergetic composition of Cavex Bite&White ExSense, the hydroxyapatite penetrates deep into the tubules and micro-cracks in the enamel. This means that the areas causing sensitivity are sealed off completely, while at the same time, a process of crystallisation helps to restore micro-hardness and accelerates the re-mineralisation process.

Cavex Bite&White ExSense, originally developed to eliminate sensitivity after whitening treatments, has proved to be highly effective in relieving tooth sensitivity in general. The product can be applied in various ways, depending on the nature of the sensitivity.  The most effective method is to use a custom-made tray that is filled with Cavex Bite&White ExSense and then allow teeth to 'bathe' for 10 minutes in the curative conditioner. If the complaint is more localised, Cavex Bite&White ExSense can also be applied very effectively to the sensitive spot with the tip of a finger. Whichever method is used, the result is always the same: safe and quick relief from sensitivity.

Cavex Bite&White ExSense is exclusively available from dentists and dental hygienists. Thanks to its natural composition, patients can safely use Cavex Bite&White ExSense by themselves (at home) so that sensitive teeth become no more than a painful memory. Cavex Bite&White ExSense, a blessed relief for sensitive teeth.


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