Cavex is proud to present the newest addition to its already impressive range of alginates; we have called it ‘Cavex Cream Alginate’.
As the name suggests, this state-of-the-art alginate is very easy to mix into a superior smooth, creamy substance.
With its fresh purple colour and delicious bubble gum flavour, Cavex Cream Alginate is just begging to be bitten into!

Cavex Cream Alginate has an innovative new formula which gives it an unequalled accuracy of no less than 5 μm.

This and the ‘standard’ Cavex alginate characteristics, high tear strength, snap setting and five-year shelf life, mean that the quality of Cavex Cream Alginate very nearly matches that of silicones. Of course, this alginate is also scannable.


For more information: Cavex Cream Alginate product page

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