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Cavex: The Best Alginates in the World

The best alginates in the world

The best impression materials for dentistry

Over seventy years of research and experience resulted in reliable high-quality alginates. Tens of thousands of professionals use Cavex alginates for dental impressions every day. Ever since Cavex CA37 became a global benchmark, Cavex has developed four more unique alginates.

Cavex CA37: Cavex alginates kick-off

To trace the success of our dental impression materials we must take a trip back in time. Nearly 70 years ago, Cavex CA37, calcium alginate with recipe number 37, was introduced. Now, more than half a century later, our all-purpose alginate is still used in thousands of dental clinics around the world.

Quality is crucial

Safety, reliability, and accuracy: the three vital pillars of dental impression materials. To guarantee that Cavex alginates always meet the strictest quality criteria of organizations such as ISO and ADA, we execute quality checks in several stages of the production process. Hence, we inspect the quality of the material before, during and after production.

Also, we conduct research daily and stay updated with the latest developments in the field of alginate dental impression materials. We strive for absolute perfection, time and time again.

Cavex alginate properties

Cavex alginates do not meet but exceed the strictest quality criteria. To deliver the utmost quality, we raise the bar when it comes to our alginate products. Standards for our dental alginates can be categorized into three characteristics, which are found on the packaging of each alginate product.

Tear strength

  • Tear strength at least 2,5 x ISO/ADA criterion
  • Can be poured at least twice
  •  No recasting


  • Predictable processing time
  • Short setting time
  • Minimal patient stress

Shelf life

  • Developed to perfection
  • Highest raw material quality
  • Long-term mechanical stability
  • Five years of perfect impressions

Discover our various alginate impression materials

Combining knowledge and experience, we have expanded and optimized our range of dental alginates in recent years. Cavex Orthotrace for orthodontic clinics is one of those innovations. This alginate with optimized snap-set has a child-friendly fruit flavor. Does a procedure require more accuracy? Cavex Cream is the best choice. Due to the combination of excellent elastic properties and extremely accurate 5 µm detail reproduction, this alginate product is unrivaled when it comes to precision.   Cream has been awarded the title of ‘Dental Advisor Top Winner Award’ four years in a row.

Discover our various dental impression materials and learn about the unique properties of each product.