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17 January ’22

The perfect impression… with alginate!

Alginate is a so-called 'irreversible' impression material that is widely used, especially in the dental world, to make a copy of the situation in the patient's mouth.

What is alginate?

alginate impression material

The basis of alginate is alginic acid, which is extracted from specific types of seaweed. By combining this alginic acid with calcium sulfate, a gel is created. The ratio of these two ingredients determines the viscosity of the final alginate. Because it is important for a good impression that the impression material sets, a third ingredient is added: diatomaceous earth, or skeletons of single-celled organisms that are extracted from dried up seabed areas. Two-thirds of the alginate consists of this diatomaceous earth.

Innovations in alginate

alginate impression materialCavex has been at the forefront of the development of high-quality dental alginates since the 1950s. It all started with Cavex CA37. This alginate, which still bears the name of the R&D process at the time: Calcium Alginate sample 37, has been eradicated as the worldwide standard for alginate. But of course, Cavex has not stopped developing its alginates. The Cavex alginate portfolio now consists of five different alginates, each with its own specifications:


  • Cavex CA37: a trusted, worldwide proven solid alginate
  • Cavex Impressional: an unprecedentedly strong alginate
  • Cavex ColorChange: alginate with a color change per stage of the impression and dimensional stability of no less than 9 days
  • Cavex Orthotrace: ideal for orthodontic impressions with the extra fast setting time and unique ‘red fruit’ taste
  • Cavex Cream: The latest in the Cavex family of alginates with an unrivaled 5µm detail

Cavex Cream, everything comes together.

When developing Cavex Cream, the most important properties of a good alginate have been combined: high tensile strength and elasticity and the perfect viscosity. The name actually says it all ‘Cream’. When mixed, the alginate powder is quickly absorbed by the water, after which an easy-to-mix, cream-like alginate mix is ​​created that allows a perfect application on the impression tray. Due to the pleasant bubblegum smell and the controlled viscosity that prevents the alginate from running down the throat, an impression taken with Cavex Cream is also pleasant for the patient.


Traditionally, alginate has been used for a ‘standard print’. For an extra accurate impression, for example for crowns and bridges,  vinyl polysiloxane impression (VPS) materials are often chosen. This is because VPS materials have a detail reproduction of 5 to 15 µm. Due to the unique composition of the best raw materials, only Cavex Cream gives a detail reproduction of 5 µm. At least as detailed as VPS materials! After taking the impression, it is dimensionally stable for two days, and due to the height, tensile strength and flexibility, a Cavex Cream impression can be poured twice.

The Best Alginate in the World

alginate impression materialThe unique properties of Cavex Cream have not gone unnoticed by ‘The Dental Advisor’, a highly regarded American initiative where a large number of dentists test and appreciate products. Cavex Cream has also been tested and rated by the Dental Advisor. This has resulted in a 98% rating which is equivalent to the maximum score of 5+’s. In addition, Cavex Cream has been awarded the ‘Top Award winning’ predicate. And all this not just once, but four years in a row: 2018, 2019, 2020 and 2021. Click HERE to read the Dental Advisor review.


The perfect mix

A perfect print is no accident. Of course, the quality of the mixed alginate and of the final print is highly dependent on how the alginate is mixed. Within the Cavex ‘Premium Alginate System’ there are various accessories to optimize the quality of the alginate and the dosage, but there is only one option for a perfect mix: The Cavex Alginate Mixer 3. Due to the controlled way in which the energy is added to the alginate and the build-up of the mixing program – which only takes 6 to 8 seconds – you can always rely on printing with a perfect alginate mix, free of lumps and air bubbles.

The powercombi Cavex Cream & CAM 3

The perfect impression with Cavex alginateChoose perfection, choose details, choose the power combination of Cavex Cream and the Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 and be surprised by the unprecedented simplicity of mixing, printing and detail reproduction. Cavex Cream alginate and the Cavex Alginate Mixer 3 are available at all Cavex dealers in the Benelux.

Would you like to know more about the Powercombi or other Cavex products? Please contact us.