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13 April ’22

The growing demand for alginate, in an age of digitalization

In the 1950s, a revolutionary impression material was introduced to the dental industry: alginate. The combination of alginic acid, calcium sulphate, and fillers proved ideal for creating a copy of the situation in the patient's mouth.

Growing demand for Cavex alginate

Since then, numerous techniques and applications have been developed with alginate. With the advent of Computer-Aided Design and Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAD/CAM) in the 1990s, the days seemed numbered for alginate. But that turned out not to be the case…

Premium alginate made by specialists

With the development of Cavex CA37 alginate in the 1950s, Cavex was a true pioneer in the field. Cavex CA37 became a worldwide benchmark and is still used by tens of thousands of dentists every day. But at Cavex, development never stands still. We now offer an alginate range of five different alginates, each with its own characteristics. A complete system has also been developed for the perfect storage and processing of alginate. So, although the demand for alginate was expected to decrease, we still see growing demand at Cavex every year. In fact, the growth is so consistent that we have decided to scale up our alginate production, so that we can continue to meet demand now and in the future.

Increasing alginate production capacity step by step
Growing demand for Cavex alginate

At the beginning of this year, the first changes were made to the alginate production line. The transport system for the alginate throughout the production line has been renewed and the flavor dosing station has also been replaced, which has more than doubled its capacity. But most notable is the replacement of ‘Bunker 2’, an essential part of the production line. In Bunker 2, all raw materials are collected and weighed before they are mixed with ingredients such as flavors and oils. The new Bunker 2, like the complete alginate production line, was specially designed for us in close collaboration with a machine builder. And not only has the bunker’s capacity more than doubled. Due to the smart design, the throughput from the bunker is considerably more efficient than before.

ready for the future

With these important first steps in upgrading our alginate production capacity, we can continue to meet the demand for premium quality alginate from dentists around the world.

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